Using a traveller number: discover the advantages

When travelling by car, train, plane or other means of transport, having a traveller number offers you an incredible range of advantages. Whether you want to organise your travel without constraints or find an economical way to take advantage of transport company offers, a traveller number will certainly help you achieve your goal. In this blog, I’ll show you all the ways you can get a traveller number and the many benefits it brings.

What is a traveller number?

A passenger number is a unique code assigned to each passenger travelling by air. It is used to identify the passenger and to facilitate the reservation and flight identification processes.

The passenger code is recorded when a flight is booked and can be found on the ticket and booking confirmations. It often consists of 6 or 8 digits, and some carriers refer to it as a reference or reservation number.

This number is very important as it is the quickest way to check or retrieve your reservation. Simply enter the traveller code into the carrier’s system to access your itinerary and information. You can also share it with your travel agent if they need access to your booking.

A known traveller number is a valuable tool for all travellers, so it’s important to keep it safe and handy at all times.

How to obtain a traveller number

Traveller numbers are a convenient way to organise your flights, car rentals and hotels. These numbers help you access all your travel information in one place. It’s relatively easy to get a traveller number today.

You can create a traveller number instantly online, by registering for an account on a travel platform such as Orbitz, Expedia or You will then receive a unique number that will give you access to your bookings, membership and other benefits.

You can also contact specialist companies such as American Express or Carlson Wagonlit Travel, which distribute traveller numbers to people who need to make quick and easy bookings. Whether you opt for an online platform or a travel agency, you’ll have access to a user-friendly system for managing your bookings without hassle.

So a traveller number can help make your travel experience deeper and simpler. Once you’ve got your number, you’ll be able to link it to various loyalty programmes to get even more benefits and discounts. So, whether online or through a professional, get your traveller’s number today for easy travel.

Discover the benefits of using a traveller number

In short, using a traveller number every time you travel has many advantages. Not only does it make things easier for you as a traveller, it can also pay off in the long run when you sign up for a loyalty programme. It also works as a practical tool for finding your flights and travelling more freely. You can display your information and benefit from special fares and services offered by the airlines. Using a traveller number is therefore a simple and practical solution to make your travel easier.